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How to spray perfume-5

Application tips
*Spray in the air and walk into a cloud of scent for an even, head to toe experience!
* Go ahead and spritz some on your hair.
* Never spray perfume onto silk. It will spoil the silk.
* People with oily skin tend to have stronger fragrance as compared to those with dry skin.
* Since perfume scent retains longer on oily skin, apply a layer of oil-based natural skin lotion onto the skin before putting on perfume.
* Best spots to apply perfume: the back of the neck, inner elbow, cleavage, behind the ears and along the shoulders.
Perfume, the most concentrated version of scent, is designed to be applied at the pulse points, on the wrists, behind the neck, in the decollete, behind the ears, or even behind the knees. Your body warmth will radiate your delightful perfume.

Men Spraying

* To prolong a bottle of perfume, place it in a cool dry place. Exposure to sun can lead to discoloration, smell alteration and evaporation.
*Fragrance is made to be used and enjoyed – use it or lose it! For maximum shelf life, store fragrance away from bright sunlight, in a cool, dark area, with the cap tightly secured. Fragrance oils can turn rancid or evaporate if stored improperly.

To test if the skin is allergic to a particular perfume, try this: apply a small amount on the wrist, or the inner elbow or the back of the hand/arm and if there is a reaction after 1 hour, then the perfume is probably not for suitable.

* Test just 4 different types of perfumes at a time. Too many varieties can be confusing to the nose, otherwise you can sniff some coffee powder to bring back its neutral state and continue with the testing.
You should also test how the fragrance turns out after about 10 minutes, after the alcohol has evaporated and the perfume would have blended with the natural oils of your skin.
* When the weather is hot, avoid applying fragrance on exposed areas as the heat reaction may cause skin irritation.
* Sunlight can react with the chemicals in a perfume to cause pigmentation as seen on the necks of people after years of applying perfume on the same spot.
* Many people use perfume or cologne different time for different reasons. Use some light perfume or fresh smelled cologne in the day time and a little heavy one at night time.
* Don’t just spray some perfume or cologne and walk away through the door to go to work or anywhere. Always put it on at least 10 minutes before you leave home. That way the scent will get enough time to settle on the skin rather than just evaporate.
*Use different perfume or cologne for different seasons. Normally on the hot days a cool body mist might be enough for many people. Perfume or cologne tend to last longer in Summer time because of the humidity in the air on the other hand in winter the scents tend to last less longer because of less humidity.

How do I make fragrance last on my skin?
It is difficult for dry skin to retain fragrance. Try “layering” fragrance by using several products in a line. For example, begin with scented soap or bath oil, follow with body lotion or crème, dust with powder to set the fragrance, and follow with perfume at the pulse points, or an all-over spritz of eau de parfum. Use body crème for extra nourishment in cold winter months.
Unisex Fragrance
The new breed of Perfume or Cologne which crossed the line and created for both women and men. The big perfume companies are trying to introduce one or two items and label them as Unisex.
If same scent could be used by both women and men.  Many experts believe why not. After all skin is skin and scent is scent. A perfume does not know which skin it is applied to.  It is smell nice  it could be used by anyone. Traditionally women’s perfume tend to be more floral and men’s one tend to be more musky and woody. But that does not mean that both men and women won’t be able to use unisex fragrance.

Another important thing…I have been asked by many women and men about using fragrance made for opposite sex. In fact, my wife always use my masculine fragrances. Many times it happens like when I want to use I find the bottle is empty because she used it all. And let me tell a secret…sometimes I use her fragrance underneath my cologne. I like to mix it with different one. But that’s just me. So my answer to that question of using  fragrance made for  opposite  sex.

My answer is why not. If a man can  mix and match or even use alone a woman’s fragrance and he smells good because it suits his personality and skin type I am sure he can use it and like my wife who always uses mine one, can use men’s cologne and can get away with it..hey more power to her.

To be very honest with my dear customers…the reason we use perfume or cologne is not only to smell good but also to attract opposite sex. So there you like women fragrance and women like men fragrance and the manufactures know about it.

Basically it is a trial and error process. That’s why many people tend to buy smaller bottle to try it on and if it works good with that ..then they buy a bigger bottle and keep enjoying it.


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