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Having the right Perfume at the right time.
Normally people will only go for one bottle or maximum two bottles of perfumes, after using them up they will restock with the same perfume they have been using. This is not a wise choice as using the same perfume over and over again will create boredom to people around you and yourself. There are tons of perfumes available in the market and each year there’s more than 50 new perfumes in the Market.

In order to have the right Perfume, we must at least have more than 3 perfumes in our collection to spice up our daily life. For example, keep a woody smell perfume for a night out with your special ones, use a bottle of Marine perfume for your daily college classes, and use a bottle of perfume with spice for some formal meetings, try to put more colors and choices in your life. 🙂

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